The 5 Biggest Mistakes when Selling Your Home

House For SaleToronto has been a hot sellers market for some time.  So you listed you house and thought it would be a no brainer that it would sell quickly and it didn’t.  What happened?  Even in a hot market it is not an automatic that your house will sell. Listed are the 5 biggest mistakes when selling your home that you don’t want to make.

1.  It’s Priced Too High

Most of us think that there house is worth more than it is.  In a seller’s market, if you have had more than 20 showings and no offer it is likely that you have your home priced to high.  Listen to the feedback that you are getting from buyers going though your home.  They will provide you with excellent advice on the appropriate price point.

2.  People Don’t Know Your Home is For Sale

Just putting your home on MLS is not enough for you to maximize your home exposure and the number of potential buyers that will consider your home.  Understand from you agent how your home will be promoted to ensure that it gets the exposure it deserves.  The more people who see your home, the more likely you will sell it quickly for a good price.

3.  House Does Not show Well

Clutter, odour, and messiness are big detractors.  Potential buyers will only notice the smell or how dirty your home is and not all the wonderful features.  Make sure that your home is spotless, over the top clean and free of any odours before you put it on the market.  Many agents will offer staging of your home.  This is a valuable perk for many home homers.  It is not cheap for the agents to do but definitely will make your home stand out from the rest.

4.  Difficult to Show Your Home 

Your home needs to be available to see when potential buyers want to see it, not when it is convenient for you to show.  If you are inflexible about showing your home, those buyers will just go to another property and you have just lost a potential buyers.

5.  Home Does Not Show Well Online

Most buyers will begin their home search online.  Make sure that your agent is using a professional photographer to take photos of your home.  If you home does not look good online, it will not get shown.

Selling your home is a stressful time.  By avoiding these blunders you can make it just a little bit less stressful and let you make the move  that you are hoping for.