Great Tips to De-stress Moving

hand offers house key as concept

hand offers house key as concept

Here are a few of the tips that I give my clients before they move in:

1. Don’t move at the beginning or end of the month. Everyone else does; you can’t get trucks, people, or utilities installed, etc. If at all possible, try to move mid-month, both for your own sanity as well as for the sake of your pocketbook.

2. Stake out the parking spots in front of your new home. Be willing to take a ticket or two (which usually range from $45-$65) to make it easier and faster to get in and out–otherwise you are paying people to carry your stuff up and down the street. But don’t block a hydrant — you’ll get towed.

3. Don’t move yourself. Your desk job hasn’t given you the stamina to cart heavy boxes, and unless you were born to a life of manual labor, you probably don’t know the tricks of maneuvering furniture through tight spaces. Even if you do, there’s a good chance your furniture simply won’t make it upstairs. The first time you gouge the door with a sofa negates the cost advantage, so please don’t try to be a hero.

4. Get rid of all liquids in glass bottles before you move. I recommend having a Drink All My Alcohol Party a week before moving. Likewise, if you haven’t cracked your textbooks since college, you might want to sell them use the money to fund decorations for your new home.

5. Change the locks asap. Who knows who the prior owners gave keys to? New cylinders are around $10-12 at the local hardware store, and only take a few minutes to install.

6. Got kids? Moving day would be a great day to have them visit their grandparents. This gets the the two most stressful sets of people out of your life on moving day.

Top 10 house features good for resale

Renovated HomeYou are looking at purchasing a home and you know you won’t be there forever so you  want to make sure it has house features good for resale.  That’s a good question! You want to purchase a home that will give you a good resell value later on. To do this, look at the type of home you’re planning to purchase that may be attractive to future buyers. When you’re looking to purchase a home, check to see if some or all of these features are offered:

1. Location of the home. Is the home located in a good neighborhood that is close to schools, stores, freeways, etc…
2. Check the crime rate
for the area you’re thinking about purchasing in. What are the crime rate statistics. Is the neighborhood safe?

3. Is there anticipated growth for the area such as: new schools, stores, future planned homes, etc… How will this affect you in the future?

4. Try to make sure the square footage of your home is at least 1200, in order to increase the likelihood of being able to resell.

5. Look for homes that have at least three bedrooms as part of your prospective home purchase. This will be helpful in reselling your home in the future.

7. If the home you’re thinking about purchasing has a pool, keep in mind this may limit the number of prospective buyers if you decide to sell your home. Pools don’t necessarily add much value to the home and can be expensive to maintain!

9. The number of bathrooms is also important. Getting a home with at minimum of two bathrooms is a must when purchasing a home for future resell.

10. Make sure the home you’re considering has a fireplace, air conditioning and heating system.

When you purchase a home, just think of being able to get a good return on your investment if you had to resell. In most cases at a bare minimum you want to get the money you have invested in your home out of it, if you had to sell for some reason. It’s even better if you can make a profit on you sale isn’t it? I thought so, just be wise when you’re purchasing your home, it’s an investment in your future!


By Jody Thompson

Many people believe that they just need to throw a sign on their lawn and put their home on MLS and their home will be SOLD just like the one down the street. What they don’t realize is that there is a substantial amount of work behind the scenes that resulted in that comparable home selling quickly. Here are some of the common mistakes that sellers make.

1. An MLS Listing is not enough
To have your home sold quickly for top dollar, you need a comprehensive marketing plan that includes promotion with other agents in the area, wide exposure through the internet, open houses, promotion in the local paper, staging and more.

2. Good photos matter
More and more buyers are introduced to your home on the internet. Your photos need to highlight your homes best features and need to be taken by a professional photographer- not your iphone.

3. Potential buyers cannot get into see your home
We all know that it is a real pain to keep your home in show condition and make your home available when potential buyers want to view your home. However. if you restrict the hours, they will find another home more convenient for viewings.

4. The price is not right
A home is most likely to attract the most buyers when it hits the market. If your price is too high, you run the risk that you will not get the traffic to get it sold. Lowering your price later gives your home stigma- there must be something wrong with the home because it did not sell.

5. Your timing is wrong
There are certain times of the year where there are significantly fewer buyers – the summer months when people are off to their cottages, Christmas when they are focused on family. Plan on trying to hit either the spring or the fall market and avoiding the dead months.

6. You have the wrong agent.
When you interview agents, it should never be about choosing the one with the cheapest price. You have too much money riding on this choice. Ask any agent you interview about their own marketing plans and social media presence, and above all, get references. In addition, ask a simple question: Why should I hire you? If they can’t demonstrate why they are different, move on.

Walk in The Queensway

by Jody Thompson

queensway park

Come join our councilor, Peter Milcyzn for a Community Walk About on The Queensway that will be taking place on Thursday, May 30th at 8:00 pm.

Meeting location: east side of No Frills, in the parking lot, next to the TTC bus station (Royal York and The Queensway).

The following staff have been invited:
Superintendent of 22 Division
Community Liaison Officer, 22 Division
Supervisor for Municipal Licensing and Standards
Supervisor of Traffic Engineering/Transportation
General Supervisor Operations/Transportation
Toronto Hydro

Please forward this invitation to any friends or neighbours that you know that may be interested in attending. Please let Peter’s office know you will be attending:

Kinga Surma
Council and Committee Assistant to
Toronto City Councillor Peter Milczyn
Ward 5, Etobicoke Lakeshore
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West, Suite C51
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Phone: 416 392 4040
Direct line: 416 338 5340
Fax: 416 392 4127