Bathroom reno offers good return

Although it is certainly possible to over-invest in bathroom renovations, they are among the most reliable renovations in terms of boosting the overall value of your home. If your home has fewer bathrooms than others in the neighbourhood, then a bathroom addition should be a top priority. A smart bathroom reno should return 75% to 100% according to the Appraisal Institute of Canada.
Always consider, of course, that your renovations should be in keeping with the rest of your home – and that your home should be compatible with your neighbourhood. A glamorous spa bathroom, for example, might be entirely out of place in the overall style of your home – and also not something a new buyer is likely to pay for when buying a home in your neighbourhood.
Popular mid-range renovations could include installing modern, matching showerheads and faucets, an attractive new sink and a fresh coat of paint. Sleek new baths and showers can also provide excellent returns – although renovations that require drastic plumbing changes could dramatically decrease the odds of a good return on your bathroom reno investment.
Bathroom renovations can be very disruptive, which is why so many buyers appreciate moving into a new home with upgraded bathrooms.

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Should we Renovate or Move?

Originally posted on Toronto West Real Estate:

This is a question many of my clients have right now.  Baby boomers are enjoying a lifestyle that involves more entertaining and weekend guests . The open concept living space and private bathrooms become more of a focus now that children are gone and only adults occupy the home. A single bathroom on the second floor is not enough, the small galley kitchen keeps guests remote from their host. Taking inventory, you need to make a decision — fix up what you have, or buy a new home?

 When choosing whether to remodel your home or buy new, remember that more than just your home comes into play. Consider the following:

  • Check out your neighborhood: Have many other homes made upgrades?
  • Do you like your neighbors, or would you enjoy meeting new people?
  • Would your proposed upgrades put your home in a higher price range than the others surrounding it? …

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