Key to Success in Bidding Wars

Buyer|10 w/ Krystal Gable

Toronto’s hot housing market continues to spark bidding wars and in many cases buyers are being advised by agents to make “clean” offers to get the house they want. Unfortunately, the reality is the winning bid most often goes to the individual with a clean offer at the highest price.

“Clean”, means an offer without any conditions in order to make it more acceptable to the seller. A clean offer does not mean that you need to take on more risk in purchasing a home but you need to be well organized to be able to satisfy all conditions in a in the very short period of time. The definition of a short period of time could be only a couple of days.This means that you need to have a home inspector lined up, and pre approval for your mortgage before you start your house hunt.  It can be done, and will put you in a much better position to win the home of your dreams in this very competitive market.