How to do an amazing house reno for less

Our Exterior Home Reno That Didn’t Break The Bank!

View these stunning BEFORE and AFTER photos


Renovations for Less


Renovations for less

Our Renovated Bungalow

What did we do to create this amazing house reno for less?

  1.  We didn’t do the renovation immediately but lived in the home first before deciding what changes we wanted to make
  2. We didn’t make any changes to the footprint so exterior changes were cosmetic
  3. We did the design ourselves so did not incur the expense of an architect
  4. We shopped all aspects of the renovation – window and door suppliers, stone layers, carpenters for window bump outs.  We didn’t necessarily pick the cheapest but focused on the combination of price and quality.  We looked for work in our area that we liked and got bids from suppliers of the work
  5. We knew exactly what we wanted when we went out for bids so contractors knew we were ready and serious

Consider these 5 suggestions and you too can do an amazing house renovation for less.  Buying a home that is not renovated and doing some of the work yourself is often less expensive than buying a home that is fully renovated.  Something that home buyers on a budget should consider.  If you would like to know more, please just text, email or call me.

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