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Ontario Gov’t Gives New Funding for School Expansion

Norseman Junior Middle School is a sought after elementary school in the Norseman Heights neighbourhood.  Known for a combination of consistent high quality academic standards and a strong athletic program, the school continues to experience increases in student enrolment.  So much that many students are now housed in six portables.  The school has been in need of new funding for school expansion.

Principal Carolyn Wright had never witnessed parents arriving at her door step with MLS listings asking if homes for sale were in the schools catchment area until she became Principal of Norseman Junior Middle School. The popularity of the school is having an impact on homes in the school’s boundaries.  The demand for these homes outstrips the supply so they tend to sell very quickly and are continually increasing in price.

The Ontario Gov’t  gives new funds for school expansion and the good news is that Norseman JMS will receive $6 million dollars to expand the school to accommodate the  student growth. A nice investment for families in the Norseman Heights community.

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The Best & Worst Academic Schools in Etobicoke

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By Jody Thompson

The quality of the school is one of the top criteria for many buyers in their home search. The quality of the school is determined by many factors including academic standard, class size, demographics of the student population, school proximity to your home, availability of transportation, and extra curricular activities. Many of these criteria can be evaluated by chatting with people in the neighborhood, as well as through the help of a knowledgeable realtor that is familiar with the area.

In regards to the academic standards, schools are rated through an annualized standardized testing.

So how did the schools in Etobiocke do?

Our Top 5 Schools

Sunnylea Public School – Located South of Bloor/Royal York in the Stongegate/Queensway Community. This school is a small 250 student community based school that consistently is rated as one of the top in Etobicoke. Housing prices range in the $1 million plus. The community boasts tree lined streets, and charming homes that are walking distance to subway.

St George Junior School – Located South of Eglinton, West of Islington in the Princess Rosethorn area. It is another small K-5 community school in another excellent area a little bit less pricey than Sunnylea. The area is in close proximity to some of the most prestigious golf courses in the city.

Rosethorn Junior School – This school is also located in the Princess Roesethorn area in the Rathburn and Kipling area. Homes in this area are more affordable with homes in the $700K price range. It is a lovely area worth checking out if you are looking for a small quality elementary school.

John D Parker Junior School – Located in North Etobiocke in the Steeles and Kiplng Mount Olive area. Housing in this area is in the $400K-$500K. A great location for someone where school district is top of their list with a limited budget.

Braeburn Junior School
In August of 2007 Braeburn Junior School became part of the Model Schools for Inner Cities Project . Braeburn is a small, culturally diverse school situated on the banks of the Humber River. The real focus on academic results has put it in the group of the top schools in Etobiocke.

Our Bottom Rated Schools

The Elms Junior Middle School
Located in the Elms Old Rexdale area of North Etobicoke, this school has consistently struggled to meet provincial academic standards. The school is located in a low income area, high special needs school.

Twentieth Street Junior School
Located in the New Toronto area of South Etobiocke this school has consistently struggled to meet academic provincial standards.

West Glen Junior School
Located in the Central Etobiocke – Rathburn East mall area another school with disappointing academic standards compared to provincial standards.

In general, the areas where English as a second language is high, combined with a need for high special needs programs with lower income families, schools tend to score lower on the standardized testing. Remember that the academic scoring is only one aspect of evaluating a school. If you have young children, it is always wise to check out the quality of schools in your desired neighborhoods.
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Best Toronto Schools located in South Etobicoke

Many family consider quality of schools in the area as one of the top criteria in making their real estate decision. The principal at Etobicoke School of the Arts just received top marks. Have a read:
Principal at ESA Gets Top Marks

ESA Principal

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