20 Something Real Estate

Meet Amy

20 Something Real Estate is a series of short videos for first time buyers.  Each video covers topics of interest for first time buyers.  I hope you enjoy !

How to create a great look for cheap

First time home buyers went to make their new home their own without breaking the bank. For me, I’m looking to decorate my basement apartment while I save for a down payment. Here are 5 great tips to help turn your space into something that you love.

My Living Room – Before and After

In your 20 Somethings, you often have to work with what you have. This is a “Before and After” of my living room- on a serious budget! I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think! :)

Tips & Tricks From First Time Home Buyers

This video goes straight to the source- first time home buyers themselves! At my stage, I still have tons of questions concerning how to go about buying my first house. Lauren and Andrew give their 5 most important tips they learned while trying to snag their first home.

Should First Time Buyers Use a Realtor?

As a first time home buyer, chances are you’re strapped for cash. Does the value of a a real estate agent outweigh their costs? There are more and more available services that seem to eliminate the role of a realtor all together. Now days, you can buy a house on Kijiji without ever having seen it. This week, I got advice from first-time home buyers Andrew and Lauren. Listen for yourself and let me know what you think!

Note: MLS:Listings a website designed to help home buyers find their perfect property.
Check it out: Get MLS Listings

Decoding Real Estate Lingo

Have you ever noticed how appealing homes sound when you read their description? The truth is, real estate advertising can make even a snake pit seem attractive! Reading between the lines can prove very difficult for first time buyers. This video decodes some of the most popular real estate jargon that is being used by realtors and private sellers alike. Hope you enjoy!

Rent vs Buy?

As a 20 Something, one of the first real estate decisions you will make is whether you rent or buy. This video is a starting point for anyone trying to figure out which option suits them best. Hope this helps! :)

Condo Living – Is It For You?

Have you ever thought about purchasing a condo? It’s a very popular alternative for first time home buyers.   This video introduces Kelley, a twenty something city dweller who gives her pros and cons of condo living!

Location, Location, Location!

Here is a quick list of things to consider when choosing a location for your first home. There are several obvious factors that come into play for 20 somethings trying to nail down their first neighbourhood. For most, budget plays the biggest role. Although finances are important, there are tons of other factors to consider! Hope you find this helpful :)

Benefits of Buying Pre-Construction

Have you considered buying a new-construction home? Some first time home buyers are hesitant to buy a house before it’s been built. This video shares Kevin’s point of view, a 20 Something who just took the plunge and bought his first house… Before ever setting foot in it! Hope you find it helpful :)

Save Up Pay Down!

It’s definitely not easy transitioning from student to home buyer…. Particularly in the financial department! This video features some simple tips for 20 somethings trying to save up for a DOWN PAYMENT on their first home! It’s never too early to start saving.


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